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Put Your Home in Good Hands

Thank you for your interest in our property management and commercial leasing services!

We take pride in our proactive and innovative approach to rental property management.  We understand how to best structure and manage your rentals with success!  You can be assured that your investment property rests in the hands of a solid company with staying power.

As homeowners, you'll receive a detailed statement each month by email. We do our best to take the work off of your hands, making renting easy! 

A Smart Investment

Investing in rental property is a smart investment that has proven to appreciate and add value over time. Some of the many benefits you can expect from CBRENID Property Management include:

  • Full-time, professional, licensed staff.

  • A quick response maintenance liaison.

  • Monthly detailed accounting statements.

  • Integrated bi-annual maintenance report & move-in/move-out reports. 

These are just a few of the steps we utilize to help ensure a maximum return on your investment. We take your property as serious as you do!

Can property management really save me money?

Yes, in fact it has been shown time and time again that the cost of hiring a management company is far less than the cost associated with the time of a do-it-yourself (DIY) landlord who has to learn the ins and outs of rental property, regulations, fair-housing laws, marketing, tenant screening, maintenance, late night calls and other inconveniences, legal fees, training and licensing, software and accounting, gas and travel, and mistakes and pitfalls which can cost DIY landlords thousands of dollars. Let us take care of the tough stuff!

CBRENID Property Management will work hard to save you money by having the licensing, training, knowledge, and resources to guide your investments down a path of financial success!

We would love to chat with you!

Have more questions about property management services?

Contact us today!

Tara Dalton, Realtor & Property Manager

Phone: 580-747-6299


FB: CBRENID Property Management


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